A new online presence for a leading asset manager


Artemis has always had a strong reputation in asset management – famed for its unique ‘Profit Hunting’ brand, its suite of investment funds and an impeccable service pedigree. What Artemis didn’t have in 2015 was a stellar online presence to match.


While the brand’s visual identity works well in print and on outdoor advertising such as billboards and taxis, it required some adaptation for use online. We explored visual treatments to create synergy with the offline branding, yet work well on-screen. We also experimented with ways of retaining the brand’s distinctive illustration-style, whilst ensuring it wasn’t overwhelming or distracting.  

Bold yet clear typography and an editorial-inspired layout are fundamental to the site’s design and provide a clean framework for bringing together the quirkier elements of Artemis’ unique brand.


A big part of this project for me was maintaining the design and the interactions through the build and Q/A. Because the site contained a lot of interactions and styling to uphold the brands strong and quirky nature. It was important to make sure that all of our designs and animated interaction mockups were implemented properly through out the build. I worked closely with developers in our London and Poland offices to get it across the line. 

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