Aviva Investors Fund Center

A complex web estate transformed


Aviva Investors needed an agency to guide them through digital change. They knew that change was about to come, so wanted to ensure their digital real-estate and strategy was in order to face their digital future confidently against their competitors.

A big part of digitizing their real estate was taking on the most offline disconnected part of their online experience. Aviva Investors Fund Center was where customers got frustrated when simple tasks became time-consuming and lost when online journeys become offline dead ends. Aviva offered their customers the chance to see highlights, commentary, and performance from all of their funds.

The only thing was it wasn't easy to get to, it wasn't easy to find specific funds nor was it easy to view and digest them as their current system basically just let them trawl through an endless list and had them downloading and printing extensive pdf's ... boring right?

Not anymore...

Now Aviva Investors Fund Center is an online space where users want to evaluate, select and monitor funds. 

Through filtering options and interactive elements, users can now customise the way they choose to view their data, meaning they can rapidly retrieve the information they need with minimal effort. 


A big part of the project for me was to try and inject as much interactivity and motion into these once flat and static statistics, to really give these pages life so that investors would be more engaged and could better digest the crucial fund information in a sophisticated yet delightful manner using animated and interactive graphs and charts.


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