Life is not still it moves! Constantly
changing, moving, animating
and telling a story.

Arriva Customer Engine

I produced a top-level promotional styled video to explain the product in a more emotive and compelling way to Arriva and for them to use internally, externally and to push the product for use in Arriva's global services.

I with Chiltern Railways permission I filmed the footage in and around there main station Marylebone.

Aviva Investors - Fund Center

A video animation made for Aviva investors to present information about their new fund center build to their employees and customers.

Aviva Investors - KPI

Another video animation made for Aviva investors that goes into more detail about the all of the changes and results made a year since launch to their employees and customers.

ORM London - A day in the life campaign

In 2017 ORM London ran a careers campaign where each team made a video about a day in the life for their respective team. It was my job to create, edit and produce all of the videos. This was the trailer to tease all of the videos leading up to the sequential release of each edit.


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